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Scene Week

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Started in 2015, Scene Week is a yearly public social event created in collaboration with Taylor Mortell. Taking place during the entire first week of March, we invite our friends to join us in experiencing and documenting the emo phases we never had as teenagers.

From The First Event

Cody Lewis and Taylor Mortell never had a “scene/emo/goth/punk/pastel goth? phase” growing up. In order to make up this missing milestone, we are planning to condense the entire phase into one week and have it now. For reasoning of the best name, we’re calling it scene week, but because of our lack of proper counter-culture education, were going to be a mismatch of all the styles. During the entire first week of March, look forward to black clothing, various metal accessories, “some” color, eye-liner, punk music, and lots of angst. We’re bringing back the best of 2007!

If you too are missing an essential “phase,” feel free to join.Those with past experience in these endeavors have informed us that they never go back, we stopped asking them to join.

Don’t understand what were doing? Don’t worry, nobody understands us.

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