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All The Things


America Duck
I made fun of a Jacket brand, got a cease an desist, and left the country with my brother on an international adventure.
I lead art direction and brand design for this company.
I made a "soft wear" company.
Freedom Crown
We made a hat that holds your hamburger.
Personal Data Server
I made a Raspberry Pi server that delivers live Spotify listening data.
Quick, Draw! For Processing
I made a Processing library that allows people to play with over 50,000 open source drawings.
We made a clock that redefines your perception of time.
I made a collborative sock drawing program.
Seacret Santa
We made three stangers holiday wishes come true.
Shades Of Hate
I made a portrait of a man with small hands, out of small hands.
JetBlue Boston Marathon
We made posters on-the-fly for Boston Marathon spectators.
Scene Week
We made an annual event where you can experince the emo phase you never had as a teenager.
The Apathy Machine
We made a robot with an Instagram addiction.